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We build, own and operate data centers and electrical infrastructure to mine Bitcoin. We’ve been mining it using the right kind of energy since 2019. Introducing sustainably-mined bitcoin by Millenials LLC.
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Powering Progress. Protecting the Planet.

The data centers we own and operate help us supportour local communities.

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Our Systems and Servers are predominantly powered by renewable energy.

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The future we’re building is powered by leaders with deep industry expertise.

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We build, own, and operate data center and electrical infrastructure for the mining of Bitcoin.

We believe it is increasingly vital that Bitcoin is, and can be, mined and utilized in an environmentally and socially responsible manner. We are focused on locating our operations in areas with low-cost and excess renewable energy.

We are building proprietary data centers that continue to be refined through years of research and development to optimize the operational environment and efficiencies, including stable uptime performance during high and low-temperature periods.


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Frequent Questions

A: The profit on investment is the interest earned which is paid periodically. Interest on investment is paid monthly, quarterly or at maturity of the investment. You have the option of reinvesting your accrued interest or receiving (same as) a direct credit into your Wallet.

A: Our interest rates vary depending on your investment package, value of investment, duration of the investment and the current interest rate trend in the financial market. However, we have one of the most competitive rates in the market.

A: We are regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and Financial Industry Regulatory Authority. Millenials LLC owns a very strong capital base and a robust risk management framework that ensures your investment is in safe hands.

A: The Millenials LLC Customer Service team will provide you with an investment certificate at the start of your investment and for additional investments in your account.

A: Yes, you can. Most investment products are tailored to address a particular investment objective. Thus, you can invest in several of our products to suit your various investment needs.

A: There is no cap to the number of people who can make up a group to invest in the scheme.

A: Yes, you can invest with crypto currencies like Bitcoins ( BTC ), Ethereum ( ETH ), Binance coin ( BNB ),Tether USD ( USDT ) , Cardano ( ADA ) .

A: Once you’ve signed on as a client, you will be given access to view and monitor your account activity online. You may also request for your account statement at any time.

A: Withdrawal of fund is processed on the same working day your request is received provided your request is received during working hours (8am – 5pm).

A: Yes, you can. Our robust platform allows you to invest from any part of the world by opening an account online.

A: Yes, you can. Our platform allows you to top up your investment at any time.

A: Yes, you can. As long as these accounts are in your name or minors’ whose identity are linked to your Email

A: Yes, you can. All you need to do is send a duly signed instruction to that effect.