We put Environmental Social and Governance (ESG) features front and center.

Our focus on renewable energy

We are a sustainable Bitcoin miner, with a highly experienced energy and
infrastructure management team. We build, own and operate real assets
including data center infrastructure powered by renewable energy.

We target development in regions where we can access abundant and/or
under-utilised renewable energy. In the case of our flagship data center operation
in British Columbia, Canada, this is hydroelectricity.

We believe that as Bitcoin continues to develop as an emerging store of value and medium
of exchange, it is increasingly important that this asset class evolves in an environmentally
and socially responsible manner. Accordingly, we believe that renewable energy is the
best and most sustainable long-term source of power for our operations.

Ancillary services to electricity markets

In addition to utilising renewable energy, our infrastructure provides
important services to the electricity networks where we operate.

For example, our data centers can offer dynamic load management that can ramp down
electricity usage when demand is high or when renewable energy sources are producing
electricity at low volumes, and ramp up electricity usage when demand is low or when
renewable energy sources are producing electricity at high volumes that may otherwise
be wasted, thereby supporting the ongoing penetration of intermittent renewables.

Our data centers are also geographically flexible allowing us to locate our operations
in areas where there is excess generation and/or grid constraints. In this way, we can
support the efficient management of network resources and facilitate increased
renewable generation and the decarbonisation of energy markets.

Supporting regional and remote communities

We partner with Governments and support regional and remote local communities

Our operations are naturally geographically flexible and offer the (re)introduction of local employment and economic activity to regional and remote areas and communities that are often experiencing financial hardship due to declining manufacturing or industrial operations.

In regions where we operate, we provide funding for local community recreational infrastructure and volunteer groups (such as the Canal Flats Volunteer Fire & First Aid community group) and look to partner with schools and training authorities to develop programs to train maintenance technicians, network specialists and other operations staff.